Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with seniors?

We work with all age groups with the health care services being based on need rather than age. Elderly care is just one of the many fine services we offer

How do I pay for services?

There are various payer sources for services and these would also be discussed with you at the time of the nurse assessment. Payer sources could be Medicare, Medicaid, privaten pay, long-term care insurance or we can bill you privately for services.

How do we know the people providing the service are honest?

All of our staff have gone through an interview, references checked and we have a thorough criminal background check completed.

As long as my doctor orders it, Medicare will pay for it. Right?

Not always—you need to meet the requirements of Medicare, that is you need to require skilled nursing, physical, or speech therapies, you need to be homebound and of course your doctor needs to order the services. This is an important preparation tool for all senior retirement concerns.

I don’t need a nurse. Can I get help just to do my cleaning or shopping and errands?

Much of the service we provide is of a homemaker nature. Homemaker services include housecleaning, linen change, laundry, grocery shopping or making meals.

What about help with personal care, such as bathing and dressing?

This would be discussed with you at the time of the initial assessment. You assist in devising your own home health care plan.

Do services cost more on weekends or in the evening?

Senior Friend has the same rate on weekends, evening and night shifts may have a shift differential. We have seven holidays a year where the rate would be 1.5 times the normal rate, if you desire service on a holiday.

What geographic areas do you cover?

We serve southern St. Louis County as far north as the Floodwood area and all of Carlton County.